SavingsCyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days is less than a month away! Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and is a day where online companies sell items at heavily discounted prices. Some of the most discounted items include tablets, smart TV’s, laptops, desktops, and gaming devices. Your local internet provider FreedomNet Solutions, has no limits internet packages that provide enough unlimited bandwidth to use these devices how you want. With a wireless no limits internet connection, you will be able to use your new devices for streaming services as well as playing video games online.

A few specific streaming applications that you can use with your new device are, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. These streaming services are great to use with tablets because of their portability. If you are wondering, “How do I make my internet faster?” you can contact a FreedomNet Sales consultant to see which wireless no limits internet options are available in your area. Our upgraded no limits internet packages that we recommend for streaming include our Advanced Package and our Premium Package. Both packages provide enough bandwidth to consistently stream and are great options for individuals looking for country broadband.