Dorr, Michigan Rural InternetFreedomNet Solutions is excited to announce a new no limits internet service tower improving Dorr, Michigan rural internet. Dorr has been an area where FreedomNet has had a difficult time providing our no limits internet service due to the lack of tall existing structures. Our equipment will be located on Ottogan Avenue between 24th and 26th Avenue. This is a great opportunity for residents in the area to obtain no limits internet with a connection that provides internet that is better than satellite.

For current customers that have service in the Dorr, Wayland, and Jamestown areas; this tower is a point to multipoint wireless tower that is capable of providing our No Limits Internet in the Country Advanced Package and Premium Package. This will give our current customers the opportunity to look into upgraded packages provided with our unlimited internet.

If you’re a business located in the area that’s using another internet option; this new point to multipoint wireless service tower is a fantastic option for primary connections or for wireless backup/redundant internet service. FreedomNet Solutions is dedicated to providing the best possible internet in the country and is a fantastic option for unlimited internet in Michigan.

If you have any questions regarding our new no limits internet service tower, or would like more information regarding faster connections; please contact our sales department at (866) 669-4737 ext. 2.