The End of Adobe Flash

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The End of Adobe Flash: After a number of “announcements” and “reports” that have gone unanswered, it looks like the end is finally coming for Adobe’s widely used Flash software platform. The company recently announced plans to kill off the platform in 2020 as more and more content providers are gradually moving away from the format making it much less widely used.

Developers and content providers have instead slowly moved towards using open standards like HTML5, signaling a shift away from Flash. This is primarily due to serious security concerns with Adobe Flash that made it a frequent target for hackers due to its popularity and simple structure that made it easy to create malware for. The concerns have gotten so bad that browsers like Google Chrome and websites like Facebook have now defaulted to using HTML5 whenever possible. There are also issues with optimization of the software with modern devices like smartphones that make flash inadequate for open web standards. So while users have a couple years until Adobe decides to pull the plug, it’s best that users get used to using other software platforms that are already being employed by a number of internet sites.

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