Facebook Features Galore!

Posted by FreedomNet

We recently wrote about the new dislike button that Facebook is working on, and now there is another new feature coming to Facebook. The ability to add a GIF as your profile picture is now being worked on. This new feature means you are able to shoot a short, looping clip that will play whenever someone visits your profile (technically, Facebook’s calling them “profile videos”). “

With the ability to use GIFS being added, Facebook is becoming more and more customizable. Another new feature that is set to come out soon is the ability to schedule when a user wants to use a certain profile image. For example, when Facebook released its Celebrate Pride profile picture filter, 26 million people used it, but then had to grapple with when to change back to their old picture. Now, they could specifically designate a certain time that the profile picture would be up.

With all of these new features coming to Facebook, you’re likely going to need a “No Limits Internet” provider that doesn’t limit the amount you use your internet connection. If you live in our Coverage Area, we may have a “No Limits Internet” option for your address.