Fact of Fiction Part #2

Posted by FreedomNet

Welcome to Fact or Fiction part two. As a fixed wireless internet provider in rural areas of Michigan, we hear all kinds of ideas that people have about wireless internet. Some of these ideas are true, slightly true, or totally false, and we’re here to set the record straight.

In this post, we demystify a few of them:

“Fixed wireless Internet just isn’t reliable enough”

The reality is that fixed wireless Internet is actually rather reliable. In fact, in some cases, it has more reliability than that of a wireline service where wires often times need to be run under the ground. If anything like construction work, digging a ditch, etc. were to cut that wire, you would be looking at long outages.

Here at FreedomNet, our wireless Internet service is able to run at a 99.999% uptime, meaning that we rarely have lengthy network outages that affect our customers for long periods of time. We work hard to make sure that our network utilizes the most effective frequencies for a given area, thus cutting down on interference.

“Fixed wireless Internet service is slow”

This all depends on how the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has their network structured. Fixed wireless is actually capable of providing speeds very similar to that of wireline services such as cable, DSL, and fiber.

At FreedomNet, we offer monthly plans that are able to provide the speeds that are capable of streaming video, playing games Online, sending large files, or anything you would like to use your internet connection for.

Choose the right plan for you.

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