Fantasy Football with No Limits Internet

Posted by FreedomNet

Fantasy football. While it is something of a newer phenomenon when compared to how long American football has been around, it is by no means an unfamiliar one to most Americans. In fact, as recently as last year there are over 33 million people participating in fantasy football leagues, with 6.4 million of those people being a fast growing female segment. The activity has directly benefitted the NFL with increases in viewership and interest in the game and its players. While many see it as a season long commitment to be in a league, a new form of fantasy football has emerged in recent years that directly tries to appeal to those making a quick buck; daily fantasy football.

You may have seen the commercials before, in fact it would be difficult not to. Both FanDuel and DraftKings are the two biggest daily fantasy websites that have inked partnerships with sports leagues like the NHL and NBA, television networks like ESPN and CBS, and have franchise owners of professional sports teams as major shareholders. Prior to the start of the NFL season, DraftKings spent just shy of $16 million in advertisements. That’s more than large corporations like Ford, McDonalds, and State Farm.

And what they advertise is this, the prospect of 6-and 7 figure prizes with matchups based on the statistical performance of a roster of professional athletes in a wide variety of sports. In a span of 24 hours you can make a small bet of $10 and walk away with over a half million in profits. This has drawn several comparisons to regular sports gambling, something that is outlawed in most states, and strictly monitored in states where it is legal. A very in depth article featured in the New York Times goes into the unique nature of fantasy sports and how they operate. For those of you who wish to join the craze, FreedomNet can provide you with the no limits internet to do so.

With towers all across the state and servicing much of Lower Michigan, FreedomNet is proud to be the #1 wireless no limits internet service provider in the state.

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