GoPro Action CameraGoPro action cameras are designed to film your extreme adventures and sports in high definition. Whether that’s water activities such as water skiing or wakeboarding, or snow sports for this time of year, the GoPro is waterproof/snowproof and is a great way for people to hold onto events that may be difficult to re-enact. One of the best features the GoPro offers is the different places in which you can mount the device. Whether it be to a helmet, or on your chest, or even to a snowmobile; the GoPro action camera locks in tight to ensure the best possible video in all conditions.

Once the user has captured all of the desired video, it is important to have an Unlimited Internet connection to use the GoPro Studio software. When a user is editing video and uploading it to social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.; a large amount of bandwidth is required to upload the video. That’s why we offer No Limits Internet that has different packages for your bandwidth needs. If you plan on using video applications associated with a GoPro, we highly recommend either our Advanced Package or our Premium Package to fulfill those needs.

Please contact your Local Internet Provider, FreedomNet Solutions if you have any questions or concerns regarding our internet packages or pricing. Our Sales Department can be reached at (866)669-4737 ext. 2. We would be happy to help you find the best internet connection for your holiday gift idea needs.