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We all know the importance of having a good password for our digital accounts, but do we know how good our passwords are? When setting up a new account on a site or service that asks for a username and password to log in, it is common these days to require passwords to be a minimum length, have multiple unique characters, and the mixing in of capitalized letters. These requirements add to the complexity of the passwords that make it harder for hackers to hack. What people may not realize is that simply changing that “o” in a word like “password” to a “0” so it becomes “passw0rd” is usually a small hindrance to any would be hackers. Bruce Marshall of explains that hackers are well aware of the requirements that are asked when making a password and they know people’s human tendencies for capitalizing certain letters in a word or putting numbers in a certain spot in a sequence that makes it easier than one thinks to either guess or brute force hack their way in.

That is why individuals ought to take further steps than the minimum requirements asked of the account creators when creating a password. These include simple steps such as making the password longer, mixing in symbols such as hashes and @ signs to add a further element of randomness, and putting said symbols and numbers in a random sequence so it may come out like this “7hgdT#c5e@Jix7F”. If you want to take it a step further, you can completely take the human element out of making a password and instead use a randomly generated one from an app that can ensure no one can use your personal information to guess your login information. If making long complex passwords seems like too much of a chore to remember, apps like and can create, remember and store your passwords safely for you to access when needed.  And remember to change passwords on a semi-frequent basis just in case your account gets compromised without you knowing, which if it’s an email account, you can check here to see if you have been compromised or not.

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