Google Fights Fake News

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Google Fights Fake News: Fake news has been a story in and of itself over the past year and a half, and often it can be difficult for readers to discern what is true and what is not. The tech gurus over at Google understand this is an issue, especially as more and more people are obtaining their news from online sources. That is why Google has begun an initiative that is essentially a fact checking program for its search engine.

While still in its testing phase, the program has a working prototype that is currently being used by a select few beta testers, and only for searches related towards news. Essentially it runs search queries through an algorithm that measures the wording and context of the search in order to determine if additional action should be taken to provide the user with more clarity. Information that comes from searches that are tagged for fact checking are usually well-known sites such as,, and, and can cover a wide swathe of topics beyond just political news. While the system is not supposed to be partisan, there are inevitable accusations that will certainly be levied against Google, which is why it has also included an option for all fact checked items to provide feedback by the user.

With the internet being an essential tool for many, Google being the most popular search engine by far, and the wide proliferation of fake news among real news, there is an importance that needs to be placed on getting the right information for users to consume and ponder.

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