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Michigan Cybersecurity: When people think of cybersecurity, the image that may come is of a hacker in a remote location trying to infiltrate another innocent persons computer by using a range of monitors and high tech tools too difficult for normal people to comprehend. While that may, or may not be true, regular users can take steps to better protect their information and identity from external threats. These small, simple changes to one’s behavior can make it exponentially harder for hackers and would be cybercriminals to obtain your private information.

  • Changing passwords regularly – This is one we’ve probably all heard at least once before, but cannot be overstated; do not use the same password for multiple accounts, and change them regularly. If you are struggling to remember them all, get an app to do it for you.
  • Using a lock screen on wireless devices – This one also may seem obvious to some, but as many as 15 percent of users still do not elect to do so, whether for convenience sake or because they do not know how to. Longer pass locks are better, and experts say to avoid pattern locks since they are much easier to remember and replicate once they’ve been seen.
  • Two-step authentication – This requires an extra piece of private information, in addition to a username and password, to be able to login to a device or account. For apps and software that feature it, it’s good for users to take advantage of adding an extra layer of security.
  • Conscious sharing on social media – We know not to share our private information online, including our address and phone numbers for easy viewing, but with the prevalence of smartphones, it’s important to also take into account automatic geotagging and cloud-based photo sharing that can have the potential to be exploited by hackers.
  • Using unsecured wifi – There’s always the danger of public wifi allowing third parties to access your device or accounts remotely on the same network, but people should also be wary of their devices automatically connecting to public wifi spots without their expressed permission. Remember to turn off your wifi when not in use as it not only helps with security but also with battery life for your device.

For those that do not have internet access, all this information may be of little use. But for those who are able to take advantage of FreedomNet’s High Speed Internet service available in Michigan, these are all good habits to get into to ensure long-term cybersecurity.

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