How to Use that Old USB Drive

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With the ubiquity of the internet and the growth of streaming and cloud-based storage, physical media storage has since fallen by the wayside. This leaves many wondering how to use that old USB drive in their desk drawer. But for those who have little to no use for their USB drives, there still may be useful applications for them. Here are a few utilities and tools and how to use that old USB drive with them:

  • Portable Linux OS – Different Linux distros can run well from just a simple USB drive that can serve as a portable operating system, complete with saved files and apps that can be accessed from any computer with a USB port, and it’s not too complicated to set up
  • ..Or Apps – If setting up an OS is too daunting or unnecessary for your needs, you can just install individual apps or games on a USB drive that save time and effort having to re-download the same app on a new device.
  • Cleaning up viruses – Purging a computer of malware and viruses can be a tremendous hassle, and in some instances almost next to impossible if it prevents you from accessing your computer at all. In those cases, it can be useful to have a USB drive loaded with virus removal software. Free, easy to use programs include Anvi Rescuee Disk, Avria PC Cleaner, or ClamWin Portable
  • Create a recovery drive – If the issues with your computer are more serious, to the point it won’t even boot up, consider making a recovery drive. For a Windows computer, this can be done from the taskbar where you can search for “create recovery drive” and follow the prompts. This can allow you to have the drive to boot your device from in case of emergencies.
  • Additional security – This requires a certain kind of USB drive that doesn’t cost much more than a standard one (found here) and after some configuration can be used as a form of two-factor authentication that requires the USB device to be plugged into the computer you are using to access certain accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Dashlane, and others.
  • Browsing the web securely – Similar to the benefits of using a VPN browser, Tails OS is a live operating system that essentially is an incognito web browser stored on a USB drive that has built in encryption and wipes all traces of activity when the stick gets pulled and turned off.

Despite the strengths the internet affords us, it’s ever connected nature and the need for some devices and applications to constantly stay connected to take full advantage of their benefits can make it a liability in some situations. It’s useful to have other means to accomplish what you need to do. But for those needs that require an internet connection, a good bet for rural Michigan residents is FreedomNet’s wireless high-speed internet.

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