smartphone internet connectionImagine how past generations would react if you showed them a device that was the size of your palm and had direct access to almost all the knowledge and media mankind has ever accumulated. 50 years ago they probably would not have believed you, but what was science fiction is now reality for many Americans. As of 2015, almost two-thirds (64%) of Americans own a smartphone of some kind, that percentage is up from the 35% in 2011. For many individuals who already have a main internet connection at home, their smartphone usually serves as a supplemental service that allows you to maintain Internet connectivity on the go on a limited basis.

Then there are a minority of individuals, about 7%, who have smartphones but are not enjoy the privilege of having a primary Internet connection at home due to lack of available infrastructure in their area. Sadly these people have to rely on their smartphones to act as their primary connection to the Internet which can limit the kinds of activity you can perform online. And that is not even counting the mandated data limits that almost all cell phone providers require their customers to agree to. Go over your allotted amount by even a little bit and you can find yourself will larger than normal cell phone bill at the end of the month.

We here at FreedomNet Solutions believe that we can serve as your primary Internet service for any residential, or business customers in Lower Michigan. Focused in primarily rural areas, FreedomNet Solutions maintains an expansive and well maintained network of towers that allow our customers to have easy internet access in even some of the most remote parts of the state. And best of all, the monthly rate you pay is always a figure that will never change and does not have any surcharges included. YES, that means no data caps, no limitations to the amount of data you have access to, and no worrying about going over your allotted amount of data per month.

If you are interested and would like to know more information, feel free to fill out a Contact Us form, or call our offices at 866.669.4737 ext. 2 and speak with a sales representative.