iOS or Android with No Limits Internet

Posted by FreedomNet

iOS or Android? What was once a fruitless debate only a few years ago, has now become a truly difficult decision.  With Apple and Android devices seeing wider acceptance, our smartphone options are now truly great. When comparing the two kinds of devices, many people immediately think about the physical features of the phones themselves, such as the cameras imbedded into each device, the screen size, and battery life. What is often ignored, or not given as much attention, is the user interface of both kinds of devices supported by their respective software, Android 6 and iOS 9.

Both interfaces have sleek, minimal designs that make the most of the valuable screen space on devices. Ultimately, it mostly comes down to personal preference, although there are differences such as iOS using brighter colors and scaled down icons compared to the more muted colors and spaced out buttons for Android.

One of the major differences is how Android offers more customization options when compared to iOS. You don’t like the clock on your screen, the dialer, the SMS app, or contacts list? Just swap it out for another one. Apple does not allow for such freedom and limits you to its default apps, but for some users that may be just fine for reasons we’ll get into later. Android also allows for slightly more freedom for its app developers. This freedom has allowed for a wide variety of apps that have since outnumbered the Apple Store apps. Finally, there is the built in power of Google itself embedded in the ‘map’ application in Android, its main web browser is Chrome, and built in local search engine which is essentially a mini Google search specifically tailored to your phone.

Despite the advantages of Android 6 over iOS 9, the already streamlined and easy to use interface is what allows Apple to retain such a loyal following amongst its users. Not only is its UI easy to navigate, but it has since been improved with the adoption of Siri and the Notification Center. Updates from Apple are easy and relatively quick to load with just a touch of a button, and an increased focus on privacy allows users to better control their data use and storage. And for users who love using other Apple devices, they become more enjoyable to use as all Apple devices are built for local connectivity and sharing of data through the cloud so you can bring all your favorite music, school documents, and business contacts with you, regardless of the device you’re using.

These are only a few of the highlighted features of Android 6 and iOS 9. Both kinds of devices have their advantages and drawbacks. When using your smartphone via Wi-Fi, you will want an unlimited internet connection to maximize their use.

With towers all across the state and servicing much of Lower Michigan, FreedomNet is proud to be the #1 wireless “No Limits Internet” service provider in the state. Being a local Internet provider allows us to be in tune with our customers’ needs be able to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

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