No Limits Country Internet in MichiganUnlimited Internet is a difficult thing to find if your home or business is positioned in a rural area. If you’re located in Michigan, FreedomNet Solutions offers Point to Multipoint Wireless No Limits Country Internet, meaning we have no data caps or restrictions on how much you can use our Unlimited Internet service. If you are using a satellite internet connection, you are probably all too familiar with the struggles and high prices of having limits, which is why we offer No Limits Internet. According to this article ( the average internet user consumes around 12 Gb/month of data with their internet connection. This means that if you are using a limited satellite or cell provider for your internet connection, you will likely go over your allotted data allowance per month, causing you to pay higher fees for exceeding your monthly limit. Satellite and cell providers also have sneaky hidden charges that they may not tell you about when signing up for their service, so be sure to always read the fine print before signing up for a Country Internet provider. (

If you live in Michigan and are interested in seeing if we provide No Limits Country Internet Service in your area, take a look at our Coverage Map or call 866.No.Wires. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and see if we can connect you with our No Limits Internet in Rural Michigan.