rural internet providerHere in the great state of Michigan, many people are still looking to find a quality rural internet provider option. With a large portion of the state still without country broadband options, many are left without high-speed internet in the country. With expensive country internet choices such as satellite, air cards, and mobile hotspots being the only options, many have chosen to not connect at all.

According to a report released by Connect Michigan and the MPSC, 82% of homes in Michigan own a computer. Ten percent of those surveyed say that their only way of accessing an internet connection is outside of their home. The state of Michigan currently has a 67% broadband adoption rate, with 16% of homes saying that the reason they do not connect to broadband at home is due to the lack of a quality option.

FreedomNet Solutions is proud to be from the state of Michigan. It is our mission to provide underserved areas of Michigan with the best no limits internet in the country. We are a local rural internet provider based in Byron Center, Michigan. To find out if your address falls in our ever-growing Michigan coverage area, take a look at our Michigan internet coverage map.