No Limits Internet in Michigan: Father’s DayWith Father’s Day coming up on June 15th; we thought we would help children, spouses, and family members determine what electronic gadgets will fit a budget while working best with FreedomNet Solutions No Limits Internet in Michigan. As electronic devices that use internet connections become increasingly more popular, it is first and most important to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to run the device or connection. The three devices we will be discussing are the Google Chromecast, Tablets, and Apple TV.

The Google Chromecast is a device that is plugged into a TV that streams through an internet connection to display applications such as Netflix and Hulu. A Chromecast can be purchased for under $40 and provide a stable connection for the application being used; as long as there is adequate bandwidth being provided. When using Google Chrome, the device whether it be a phone or a computer can directly display the page on the screen. 

Tablets are becoming more and more popular as they continue evolving into a device that rivals most laptops and computers. Tablets are very functional for basic browsing and portable for any type of use. Another benefit of tablets is the installable applications for them. Whether you are using Android tablets or an Apple iPad, choosing the best tablet is mostly based on preference.

Finally, the Apple TV is a great device that truly maximizes the use of all Apple products. Once again, the Apple TV connects to a TV via HDMI and can wirelessly stream music, movies, and other applications. By using the Apple TV, you can stream music through a home theater system, and also play movies wirelessly from your Apple device. 

All of these devices can further enhance the No Limits Internet connection provided from FreedomNet Solutions. If you would like to know, “How do I make my internet faster?” contact our Sales Department. FreedomNet Solutions is dedicated to providing a Reliable Internet Service to rural areas throughout the state of Michigan. We would be happy to answer any questions at (866) 669-4737 ext. 2.