Google Drive is an online office suite and storage service that the user can access whenever connected to the internet, on almost any device. It has come a long way over the years and offers a great way to manage your files, create word processor documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Here at FreedomNet, many of us prefer to use it for managing our personal files via “the cloud.” One of the best features of Google Drive, is that it’s totally free. But how does combining No Limits Internet and Google Drive work?

No Limits Internet in Michigan: No Limits Internet and Google DriveIn order to access Google Drive, all you need is a Google Account. So if you use Gmail, Google Calendar, or any other Google Service, you can access Google Drive’s features. You can collaborate with others by simply sharing the files with the people you choose to allow access, or you can make a document public, giving anyone access, depending on your preference. You can also decide the level of access the other users have with the file. If you want other users to be able to edit the document, you can give them access. If you would rather the other user to only be able to view the document, you can give them viewing rights, but deny them editing abilities.  It’s a very useful tool for productively communicating with others.

If you are interested in using Google Drive, you are going to need a High-Speed connection that offers No Limits Internet. FreedomNet offers our Rural No Limits Internet in the Country in the state of Michigan. Take a look at our Michigan Coverage Map to see if we offer service in your area.