Multiple Devices on a Local NetworkAs customers continue switching over to our Wireless Broadband connections with Unlimited Internet; one common question we receive is in regards to the number of devices that can connect to a local network/router. Can I have multiple devices on a local network? There are a few different ways that this question can be answered, starting with the physical number of devices and the amount of bandwidth on the network. 

The most important factor that goes into any internet connection is bandwidth. When you connect devices to a local network, those devices split the amount of bandwidth on the network. As you connect more devices, the speeds will decrease on each device connected as the amount of active devices grows. With FreedomNet Solutions No Limits Internet, the difference in our packages is strictly going to be speeds. 

If you have a single device or multiple devices on a network looking to stream, we recommend either our Advanced or Premium packages to have adequate bandwidth to do those types of applications. On the other hand, if you have multiple devices for social media or basic web browsing; our Basic package should fit those needs. 

In regards to the number of devices that can connect to a wireless router/local network; most routers can connect up to 255 devices! Of course, when you connect this many devices on a single local network, your speeds per device will be drastically lower; but it is possible.

As FreedomNet Solutions continues to upgrade Wireless Broadband service towers throughout our network, our faster Country Internet Speeds will provide our customers with all of the package options.