Using Hulu Plus with No Limits Internet in the CountryDo you love TV? If so, Hulu Plus is a great streaming service to check out. Hulu Plus allows users to stream the latest TV shows, usually right after they air, using an internet connection. Hulu Plus offers most of the currently running TV shows for users to instantly stream (Parks & Recreation, Community, Parenthood, etc.). They also offer several classic films and original TV series. Hulu Plus charges $7.99 a month to access the TV programs you want, anytime, on any internet connected device.

Hulu Plus works great with FreedomNet Solutions Point to Multipoint Wireless no limits internet in the country. We offer our no limits internet in rural parts of the southern half of Michigan. Both our No Limits Internet Advanced and No Limits Internet Premium packages are great options for anyone looking to use the Hulu Plus streaming service.

So if you’re interested in using Hulu Plus, and are stuck with a limited satellite internet provider, contact FreedomNet to see if we offer internet that is better than satellite in your area of Michigan. To contact us click here or call 866.669.4737 and we would be happy to help you.