no limits internetHere at FreedomNet Solutions, we love our customers, and we want to make sure we are providing them with the best options for no limits internet in the country. We are always in the process of upgrading our entire point to multipoint wireless internet in the country network in order to provide more bandwidth options. These upgrades will provide customers with the no limits internet speeds required to use applications that require higher bandwidth. With our no limits internet Advanced Package and our no limits internet Premium Package, streaming video and playing videogames online are now a breeze!

In order to make sure we are providing the best rural point to multipoint wireless no limits internet to our customers, we have created a short survey for you to tell us how we are doing. This Customer Satisfaction Survey consists of 6 short questions pertaining to the unlimited country broadband internet that we provide.

If you’re a current FreedomNet customer using our no limits internet in the country, please take a moment to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for being a FreedomNet Customer!

Here is the link to the Customer Satisfaction Survey: