Internet in Rural MichiganPeriodically when installing service at a new location within our rural Michigan coverage network, it is possible that we may need to use a tripod and mast. When a site evaluation is conducted for our wireless broadband internet service, there are very specific standards that we must meet in order to get the service installed at a customer’s location. Depending on the results of that site evaluation, we may need to use a tripod and mast which essentially will be placed on the home to give us additional height to attain our service standards and regulations. The tripod and mast that FreedomNet Solutions uses is a piece of equipment that is built specifically for our service, so unfortunately other pieces of equipment cannot be placed on them.

In many cases, a tripod and mast must be used to obtain our upgraded connections that provide our faster services. Our no limits internet contains three different service packages from customers to choose from. If you are looking for a redundant connection for a business or a basic web browsing package for a residential location; our Basic package should fit your needs. Our Advanced package is best suited for customers looking for streaming services and VOIP connections. Finally, our Premium package provides the ability to play online video games and large business connections.

If you would like more information regarding our unlimited internet packages, please contact our sales department at (866)669-4737 for more information.