Looking for Unlimited Internet in Rural Michigan?

FreedomNet Solutions is a Michigan based internet provider in Byron Center Michigan. We offer unlimited point to multipoint wireless internet to homes and businesses. Our goal has always been to provide the best unlimited internet via our point to multipoint wireless service to our customers.

FreedomNet Solutions began offering our point to multipoint wireless internet to West Michigan homes and businesses in 2002. We started by providing our Internet in the country, with a single service tower in Allendale Michigan and have since grown to around 60 service towers across the state. We now offer our no limits internet in parts of West Michigan, Central Michigan, and Eastern Michigan. Each year we look to expand and improve with new towers in new areas throughout the State of Michigan.

Whether your home is located in a rural area that needs no limits internet or your family is looking for a solution other than traditional internet providers, FreedomNet provides West Michigan internet, Central Michigan internet, and Eastern Michigan internet to areas that have difficulties finding high-speed options. We offer great no limits internet options with our point to multipoint wireless internet service for your home.

We also offer business class internet options via our point to multipoint wireless network in Michigan. FreedomNet Solutions point to multipoint wireless business class internet offers several bandwidth options, depending on your business’s needs. We have available bandwidth options ranging up to 200Mbps. FreedomNet Solutions business class wireless internet can be used as a primary internet feed that is superior to a DSL or T1 connection, or as a redundant internet service that provides a wireless backup to your primary internet connection.

If you have any questions regarding our wireless internet service in the state of Michigan, please contact us.