apple world wide developers conference 2014On Monday, June 2nd, Apple held their annual keynote address at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. This year’s WWDC had some exciting new things for Apple fans! The big announcements were for the new Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, and for the new mobile operating system, iOS 8. 

OS X Yosemite

The follow up to last year’s OS X Mavericks, Yosemite has new features like, a restyled user interface, and more features to promote integration between Mac to iOS devices. They also announced a new cloud storage system called iCloud Drive that updates the current iCloud storage system. Yosemite will also give users the ability to make phone calls and send messages via an iPhone. Look for more changes to be announced as we near the fall 2014 release.

iOS 8

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, also had several new feature update announcements. Some of the most notable announcements were, support for third party keyboards, upgrades for the native keyboard auto correct feature, overhauled notification center features, as well as Mail improvements. We also got official confirmation of the new health tracking feature, called HealthKit.

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