Michigan Internet in the Country: Micropop SitesWith wireless equipment going through major changes, one of the biggest changes to FreedomNet Solutions network is the addition of new feed sites. A micropop site is a tower that is located in a small community/sub-division that provides our internet service. Service usually had previously not been attainable from that specific location. These tower sites are fed from our larger towers to provide all of our No Limits Internet packages. 

FreedomNet Solutions looks for existing structures to add our micropop sites to. When there is an existing structure, the turnaround time is typically quicker and the process is much smoother. 

One of the main benefits of a micropop site for a wireless provider is the close proximity of connections for our customers. The closer a customer is to the service tower, the more likely a connection will be. Also, due to the elevation constraints and tower distances; currently our Unlimited Internet upgraded packages are only available at certain tower sites. The addition of micropop sites provides a larger portion of our network to upgrade to our streaming and higher bandwidth packages.

If you are interested in learning more about micropop towers, or would like to request a micropop site for your area; please contact FreedomNet Solutions sales department at (866)669-4737 ext. 2.