Michigan Internet Provider: We love Michigan and our customers!As FreedomNet Solutions continues to expand throughout the state of Michigan, we want to take some time to thank our customers for their business and choosing us as their Michigan Internet Provider. FreedomNet Solutions understands the struggles people that live in rural areas face in finding an internet provider that best fits their needs. As the internet continues to evolve, we want to make sure our service stays ahead of the curve. Providing top notch Internet in the Country with our Wireless Broadband technologies is our passion, and we appreciate what our customers do for us.

If you are wondering, “how do I make my internet faster?” Take a look on our website to determine which service package fits your needs the best. By providing internet that is better than satellite and internet that is better than dialup, we offer some great options. We have set up a giveaway on our Facebook page for a Roku LT Streaming device. The Roku device allows customers to stream video through an internet connection on a TV. Customers can be entered into the drawing by going to our Facebook page and liking FreedomNets page before April 16th.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our packages or the giveaway of the Roku, please contact our sales department at (866) 669-4737 ext. 2.