no limits internet in rural michiganHere at FreedomNet Solutions, we are committed to providing the best No Limits Internet to rural Michigan. We do this by offering a point to multipoint wireless network that utilizes the latest in wireless high speed radio equipment. Our point to multipoint wireless service towers send a wireless signal to your home/business. On your home/business we will install a subscriber module to receive that wireless signal and provide you with internet service. FreedomNets point to multipoint wireless network offers no limits internet that is very flexible, allowing our customers to customize the service to their internet needs.

In order to receive FreedomNet’s point to multipoint wireless no limits internet service, a subscriber module (antenna/radio placed at highest point on location) needs to be installed in a fixed location at the customer’s site. That subscriber module will then receive a wireless signal from one of our point to multipoint wireless service towers, providing No Limits Internet to your location. We will then run an Ethernet connection into the home/business for you to physically connect to the internet. From here you can connect a wireless router or physically plug into a computer, depending on how you would like set the service up in your home/business.

If you live in a rural part of Michigan and are looking for a No Limits Internet connection, take a look at our coverage map to see if we offer service in your area.

Here’s a video explaining the type of internet service that we offer in Michigan: