GolfNow.comGolfNow is a website designed to provide tee times to customers at discounted rates. By connecting to, obtaining tee times can be accomplished by simple booking methods through the website. For any Apple or Android users with mobile devices, the GolfNow application can be downloaded with your FreedomNet Solutions Wireless Broadband No Limits Internet. 

As for the website itself, GolfNow uses local courses within a given area to provide discounted tee times dependent on the number of golfers in a group. One of the greatest benefits of GolfNow is the variety of courses that are available to play. Tee times and courses can range from as low as under $10 all the way up to over $100. Helpful hints for the website include reading reviews and looking for the Hot Deals tee times. Using Unlimited Internet to view the Hot Deals; tee times are generally deeply discounted to provide low prices for high priced courses.

Another great use for is planning courses to play on vacations. The flexibility of being able to play courses at a specific time along with different options is truly amazing. FreedomNet Solutions Reliable Internet Service is located throughout the state of Michigan and can provide you with a connection that best fits your needs. For more information, please contact our Sales Department to learn more about our Point to Multipoint Wireless internet service.