Michigan rural internetBeing a local company out of the state of Michigan, FreedomNet Solutions aims to provide the best internet possible to our customers located in rural areas. We understand the need for broadband internet in areas that lack the options of urban services. Over the last year, FreedomNet Solutions has upgraded our entire Wireless Broadband network to provide different service packages that fit our customer’s needs. Outside of the specific services FreedomNet Solutions provides, we are always interested in spreading the word of our Michigan Rural Internet through community events. 

Furthermore, if you are located in a Michigan area without Rural/country Wi-Fi capabilities; FreedomNet may be interested in adding our services! By going to our website Freedomnet.com, download and print the Request FNW in your Area (pdf) located under the About FreedomNet tab to start the process of obtaining Wireless Broadband. 

If you are looking for Michigan rural Internet that is better than satellite or Internet that is better than dialup, you may be asking yourself, “How do I make my internet faster?”

Please contact your Local Internet Provider FreedomNet Solutions to find out more information regarding our internet packages or pricing! Our Sales Department can be reached at (866)669-4737 ext. 2.