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Online Safety: With today’s technology being an ever-present part of our lives, many are already aware of the common dangers that technology, and by extension the internet, can have on a person and their privacy. We know not to click on suspicious links, or open attachments from email addresses we don’t know, and to put a password on your private router. But hackers and thieves are getting smarter and employing more ways to intrude upon people’s privacy than ever before. Here are some things you ought to be aware of as potential dangers to your cyber security.

  • Suspicious USB drives – a recent study by a group of researchers showed that nearly half of people would be inclined to plug in a random USB they found, just to check what was inside. With the ability to store large amounts of data, and it having access to core components of the device you’re using via the USB ports, USB drive attacks can be difficult to stop unless you have 3rd party tools specifically designed to stop such attacks. Of course one could just not plug in random USB drives in the first place…
  • Webcam monitoring – like other functions and applications on your computer that can be accessed remotely, hackers potentially have the ability to access your webcam without you even knowing. The easiest and most simple solution is using electrical tape or some type of physical covering to obscure its view. Hey if it’s good enough for Mark Zuckerburg, it’s probably good enough for you.
  • Wi-fi eavesdropping – it’s easy enough to use your own secure router at home, but what about when you have to connect to public wi-fi? It’s probably best to stick with secure sites that use HTTPS connection, indicated by a green padlock in your browser address bar. Use of VPNs is also effective, as is the usual updating of security software on your computer (i.e. virus scanners and malware scanners.)
  • Social behaviors – this was mentioned earlier, but cannot be stressed enough. People need to be vigilant about their online behavior in relation to external threats from fraudulent emails, as well as being careful of the things you post online on social media. Information such as location tracking for certain apps can usually be turned off and there’s always two-step verification to secure your online accounts with another layer.

While no one can make themselves fully immune to external threats via the internet or technology, you can certainly prevent some attempt and minimize the impact of others by taking a few basic steps that cumulatively increase your security in a large way. Here at FreedomNet, we feel that it’s important for people to have access to such a resource, but we also want our customers to safeguard themselves from the external risks that may come with such access.

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