Point to Multipoint TowerFreedomNet Solutions has recently upgraded our PAX point to multipoint wireless no limits internet tower with new wireless equipment capable of providing higher bandwidth. This new equipment will deliver our customers with a more consistent and reliable wireless no limits internet service. Our recently announced upgraded no limits internet packages are also going to be available with this new point to multipoint wireless equipment.

All of our Unlimited Broadband Packages will be available to you with this new equipment. You will have the option of choosing from our Unlimited Basic Package, our Unlimited Advanced Package, or our Unlimited Premium Package. The monthly package you choose to be connected on is up to you!

If you are a current FreedomNet wireless customer, there is no fee for switching to this new equipment, however a service appointment is required to get you connected. Once you are on the new upgraded equipment, you will be able to choose which monthly package you would like to be connected on.

Please call our office at 866.NO.WIRES to schedule your service appointment. If you are interested in becoming a new FreedomNet wireless customer, feel free to contact our Sales Department at 866.No.Wires extension #2. We would love to schedule a Site Evaluation to find out how we can help you get internet that is better than satellite and internet that is better than dialup.