wireless broadband and michigan weatherEach and every day, we receive many phone calls where people are looking into different types of no limits internet connections. One of the most common questions we receive is what happens when you mix wireless broadband and Michigan weather.

There are a few different ways weather can have an effect on a point to multipoint wireless signal. One way is by wind. Wind can affect our point to multipoint wireless signal by physically causing the antenna/radio to shift on a customer’s home/business. When the wind causes our wireless broadband equipment to shift its location, it can lose signal strength which will cause the connection to be spotty and inconsistent.

In extreme cases, precipitation also can cause our point to multipoint wireless broadband to lose its connection. If there is enough snow or ice buildup where it buries the wireless broadband equipment, the connection may go bad, causing a loss of signal. If ice or snow on the equipment does cause a loss of signal, it’s usually only a short time before the sun or warmth of the wireless broadband equipment is able to melt it.

Our point to multipoint wireless broadband internet provides an uptime of 99%, which is comparable to physical connections like fiber, cable, or DSL. When installing our wireless broadband, FreedomNet determines a “Fade Margin” which calculates the signal strength needed to provide customers with a consistent/reliable connection, even if inclement weather occurs.

As a Michigan based local internet provider, our point to multipoint wireless is an excellent solution for businesses looking for a reliable wireless backup connection or for a rural home looking for wireless broadband internet. If you would like more information regarding any of our service options, including redundant internet service, please contact our sales department at (866) 669 – 4737.