Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet towerJust recently FreedomNet Solutions has acquired a new piece of equipment for in depth Site Evaluations. This new piece of equipment is known as a COW (Cell on Wheels).  A Cell on Wheels acts as a portable tower for our customers to determine the size tower they would need to install Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet at their location. This is very useful for individuals that have had Negative Site Evaluations in the past due to heavy tree cover / line-of-site issues. The need for country internet has best been solved by the existence of Wireless Technologies. In order for customers to attain our point to point wireless internet, we must meet certain standards during the evaluations.

The Cell on Wheels tower has a unique pricing plan that provides incentives to customers/businesses that have options once the test is completed. If you have had a Negative Site Evaluation in the past but are still looking for Unlimited Point to Multipoint Wireless Internet from a local internet provider, please contact our Sales Department to schedule a new Evaluation. Internet in the country no longer needs to be a pain or a nuisance, find out why by contacting us at (866) 669 – 4737 ext. 2.