Point to Multipoint Wireless in Michigan: WISP America

Point to Multipoint Wireless in Michigan: WISPAmerica

FreedomNet Solutions is excited to announce that we will be attending this year’s WISPAmerica conference down in Little Rock, Arkansas from March 24-28. Attending this conference will give FreedomNet the opportunity to interact with other wireless broadband providers to help our ever-growing network. One of the main goals of the conference is to attend keynote speaker presentations.

As stated in a recent blog, federal funding has recently become available to wireless broadband providers in an effort to provide high cost locations with internet service. At WISPAmerica, one of the keynote speakers is Jonathan Chambers; the individual in charge of the FCC Experimental Program. We hope to obtain valuable information regarding the funding that will help expand our point to multipoint wireless in Michigan.

Another advantage of attending the conference is the new equipment that has become available to wireless broadband providers. Speaking with suppliers directly helps communicate issues that wireless providers notice, in hopes to continue evolving the equipment to make it as strong as possible.

FreedomNet Solutions is a Country Broadband provider that offers No Limits Internet service in the country for the state of Michigan. We are excited to continue evolving our network to provide the best service for our customers.