Recent Network Upgrades

Posted by FreedomNet

We here at FreedomNet take pride in our wireless No Limits Internet network and the services that we offer. In order to meet customer demands and expectations, we strive to do our best to expand our coverage area to more under serviced regions of the state, while also making continuous network upgrades that improve the overall quality of service for our existing group of customers.

Recently we finished installing new equipment on our tower that helps service much of the Wheatfield area of Michigan. This new type of radio gives us an increased ability to provide faster No Limits Internet plans to those looking for higher bandwidth options not limited by data caps. The economic way these wireless devices are made allow us to provide a high quality of service with cost effective design. These features allow us to provide a No Limits Internet service at a fair, flat monthly fee for all customers installed with our service. And Wheatfield is just one of many areas that have this great wireless equipment installed, which include a vast majority of our coverage area.

Are you still looking for an internet service that will provide you with No Limits Internet, but can’t because you live in a rural area? Feel free to contact our office at 866-669-4737 ext. 2 and speak with one of our sales representatives who can assist you.