Roku 3 Box, remote and headphoneFreedomNet Solutions point to multipoint wireless has recently launched a few new no limits internet Upgraded Packages that offer higher bandwidth options that work great for streaming. If you are looking to use streaming services, you are going to need internet that is better than satellite or internet that is better than dialup. Our Upgraded No Limits Internet Packages offer the bandwidth needed to use streaming devices like the Roku 3. Over the past few months, we’ve had the chance to use the new Roku 3 streaming box, and we must say, were impressed! The Roku lineup has always had the best free channels as well as paid channels, and that trend continues with the new Roku 3.

Review: The Roku 3 is one of the newer models in the Roku streaming box lineup. It’s sort of a progression of the last years Roku 2 XS, and has become the leading model of their streaming box lineup. During the past few months, we have had the opportunity to take if for a spin and try out some of the new features that are explained in detail below.

Roku 3 Price: $99.99

1080p HD Video: The Roku 3 allows you to stream 1080p HD video to your TV.

Faster Processor: The Roku 3 has a faster processor, allowing the interface to be more responsive. In our time with the Roku 3, we noticed the interface to be much faster than previous models.

New Remote Control: The new remote control is our favorite new feature. The remote works very well from a distance and is very easy to use. The new remote also has a headphone jack, allowing you to listen through headphones which is great for streaming music! The Remote also has Wii like motion controls for games that you can purchase from the Roku App store.

Ethernet Port: The Ethernet port is a great feature, allowing you to hardwire your Roku 3 streaming box, rather than connecting via Wi-Fi.

Micro SD Card Slot: The Roku 3 has a Micro SD Card Slot built in, just in case you need more storage space. During our time with it, we were not able to access any of our own music or video via the Micro SD Card.

Verdict: If you have internet that is better than satellite or internet that is better than dialup and are connected to the internet via FreedomNets Advanced No Limits Internet Package or our Premium No Limits Internet Package, the Roku 3 is a great option for streaming video or music!

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