online video gamesIf you have internet in the country and are looking for faster no limits internet options that support online video games, FreedomNet may have a solution for you! With our Residential Advanced and Premium no limits internet broadband package options, online gaming works great! If you’re connected on our Basic Residential no limits internet Package and are asking yourself, “how do I make my internet faster”, check out our new no limits internet Broadband Packages. When looking into our different no limits internet packages to be used for online gaming, please check to see how much bandwidth is required for your gaming needs.

If you’re looking to play videogames online, internet that is better than satellite or internet that is better than dialup is the best way to go. Both our Advanced and Premium no limits internet packages are great for streaming/online videogames. A few popular gaming systems are the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U, each offering the ability to connect to an online gaming community. In order to play online with others around the world, a no limits internet connection is necessary. Another widely used online gaming application is Steam. Steam is an online gaming network for individuals looking to download games or stream games.

With video games becoming more online centered, there is no better time to install our broadband no limits internet for gaming. If you have any questions regarding our compatibility with gaming devices, please contact us at (866) 669-4737 ext. 2.