Selling textbooks onlineFor most people, the world revolves around the 4 traditional season of spring, summer, fall and winter. For most students however, there are only 2 season; school and summer break. Well, it’s that time of year again, when many a college student (and some high school students) like to get a head start with their summer bank accounts by selling textbooks, often used only a few times, online.

The textbook industry is one that most people do not pay attention to, but has increasingly gained more and more scrutiny due the soaring costs of textbooks. In fact, since 1980, the inflation percentages of textbooks have far exceeded general consumer inflation (250%), home prices (325%), and medical services (575%). A staggering 812% increase in the costs of textbooks has made book buy-backs an almost essential practice at the end of each semester. With the average student spending close to $650 on textbooks each year, some books that can cost as much as $300 each can make that number go up even higher.

So where does that money go? According to US News, roughly one-fifth of the costs goes to the store to cover personnel and operating costs, while more than three-quarters goes straight to the publisher. The publishers often include supplemental materials (CD-roms and website licenses) that help drive up the costs, as well as releasing new yearly editions of current textbooks with minimal edits and differences between editions. And since most schools require the most current editions be bought for class, students are often left with books that have a store value that is a fraction of the original retail price, or no value at all.

In order to maximize your earnings for selling textbooks it is usually advised that you look at the secondary market rather than trying to rely on the university bookstore to meet your needs. But unless you have a throng of friends looking to buy your books, this is usually easier said than done. A great resource that you can use is Amazon’s own book buy-back program online. You can also look towards using Ebay’s own book buy-back, or if you’re really desperate there’s always Craigslist that can be used at your own discretion. If you don’t have an internet connection to help you with this, FreedomNet Solutions could be the answer for you.

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