wireless no limits internetIt is generally agreed that we as a people, over the past few decades, have transitioned exponentially into a digital age where the inclusion of technology has become an ingrained part of our society. In conjunction with that cultural shift, there has been a growing movement to mandate that all children in school learn how to code and study programing. So instead of being an elective a child could have a coding class taught in middle school, or even earlier.

But why? Why should an aspiring author, doctor, or lawyer learn how to code? With the role of technology in our lives increasing rapidly, knowing how to take advantage of that technology and make it do something is becoming an ever more useful skill to have. While many of us use a variety of electronic devices to consumer content, not many actually know how to make those devices work for you. A solid foundation in programing provides children with the ability to actually take advantage of the modern technology they have access to.

Programing as a language is universal in almost every application. Even when the actual act of writing code is not useful, the mindset and ability to break down and problem into smaller parts is.

Rather than waiting till such a policy is implemented in school, you can take the initiative and enroll in free online classes in coding, courtesy of such websites such as http://www.codecademy.com/ and MIT’s introductory online course at http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/intro-programming/. With wireless no limits internet services provided by FreedomNet Solutions you can get started on your path to becoming an amateur programmer in no time.

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