Streaming Leads to Saved Time for Children

Posted by FreedomNet

Streaming Leads to Saved Time for Children: Online video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become a staple of entertainment for many Americans. For some, online streaming has completely replaced traditional TV sources due to the variety of programming and value that is offered for customers with a high-speed internet connection.

For those who have children, these streaming platforms offer a large library of children’s programing. Shows such as Pokemon, Spongebob Squarepants, and a multitude of Disney movies are available following a deal with Netflix and Disney to stream their content on their platform exclusively over the coming years. In a recent study, findings indicate that children who watch Netflix are likely to spare themselves almost 150 hours worth of commercials a year. That not only means kids get to maximize their sometimes limited TV time, but they are much less exposed to toy and game commercials specifically oriented towards their younger demographic. For parents who would rather not have to spend money on toys that will soon become fads, this may be welcoming news. In order to stream videos online and take advantages of the pros that come with online video streaming vs. traditional television, count on Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider to give you the capability to do so.

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