Streaming the OlympicsOne of the biggest events surrounding 2014 will be the Winter Olympics held in Sochi starting February 7th. As the event draws closer, we would like to take the opportunity to inform our customers how they can stream the live event with our no limits internet in the country. Unlimited Internet provided by your local internet provider FreedomNet Solutions now offers different speed packages that fits our customer’s individual needs. In regards to streaming the Olympics, our no limits internet Advanced and no limits internet Premium Packages are the best fit due to increased bandwidth sent to the radio. FreedomNet provides Internet that is better than satellite through connections that have low latency. Low latency means the response time between clicks is greatly improved, and will eliminate the annoyance of buffering.

According to wikiHow, the best way to stream this year’s Olympics online is through NBC’s Olympic website. To register for this service, the customer must have a service that includes NBC. Once the customer registers their account, all events other than the opening games will be available to watch live from their no limits internet connection. If your computer has an HDMI Output and your TV has an HDMI Input, I recommend connecting the two devices to display the picture on the large TV screen.

If you would like more information regarding our upgraded services and packages, please contact our sales department at (866) 669-4737 ext.2.