nfl-logoIt is currently springtime in America, and in the world of sports that means baseball is back, golf is getting into full swing, and hockey and basketball playoffs are around the corner. For NFL fans across the country, much of their news is dominated by this year’s upcoming draft in Chicago and free agency. In what many consider to be a slow time for football related news, the NFL has recently announced plans to introduce exclusive rights to digitally stream football games online this upcoming season. The idea is that games will still be broadcast over traditional televisions stations for free for home team games, but anyone else trying to catch an out of market game will have to go online.

While there is only 1 game scheduled to test this (the Week 7 Jaguars-Bills game in London), this policy has great potential to be implemented league wide for all regular season games that will be aired in the future. While the specifics of the policy have also yet to be released, this could serve as a viable alternative to many who rely on Direct TV’s Sunday Ticket that is an all-or-nothing subscription service for out of market games. This all of course would require an Internet connection that is not only available in area, but can handle the data requirements for video streaming services.

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