Are you struggling to find quality internet in rural Michigan?Many people are struggling to find a good internet in rural Michigan. Maybe you are tired of dealing with speeds that don’t allow for streaming or online videogames, or maybe you keep going over your data limits and its costing you a lot of money. Whatever the case, having internet that doesn’t let you do the things you want can be frustrating. FreedomNet’s goal is to provide rural parts of Michigan with internet service that allows you to use your internet for the things you want.

If you’re having to put up with your current internet connection and are looking for something better, take a look at FreedomNet’s Michigan Coverage Map. If your address falls in the green Michigan coverage area, FreedomNet may have a solution for your internet needs. FreedomNet offers No Limits Internet in the country that is fast enough to stream movies and play videogames online.

If you have any questions about our No Limits Internet in rural Michigan, feel free to contact us @ 866.669.4737. We would be happy to help you look into the options FreedomNet has for your address.