Summer of Streaming

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Summer of Streaming: With summer Just around the corner, many look forward to thoughts of being outside, going to the beach, or grilling out on the porch. But for those looking for an excuse to take advantage of their air conditioning, the huge list of television shows set to appear in the coming months is a welcome sign. Being 2017, many of these shows can be viewed online via streaming apps, some are even online exclusives.

Many networks, such as FX, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim, and AMC have websites that allow you to stream the latest episodes of The Americans, Samurai Jack, and Fargo using an existing cable subscription to log in. Others such as HBO have separate services like HBO GO that customers can pay for, without a cable subscription, and be able to watch the entire library of HBO shows such as Game of Thrones, which is set to premiere its long anticipated 7th season in July. And then there are streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that have original content exclusively available online, such as House of Cards and The Grand Tour. With an internet provider that can support bandwidth capable of streaming video, there is little stopping a person from accessing a wealth of content to entertain themselves with.

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