Be Sure to Set Your Social Media Online Privacy Settings

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Be Sure to Set Your Social Media Online Privacy Settings: With new legislation signed by President Trump blocking the implementation of Internet privacy rules, online privacy is something that many of us are talking about. The Internet privacy rules would have prevented ISP’s from collecting and selling your web browsing information for the purpose of advertising. FreedomeNet Solutions does not sell your information. If you would like to know more please read our Acceptable Use Policy. There you will find more details regarding how we handle your information.

With new questions about online privacy being a common point of conversation in the world, we thought it would be a good idea to review how to best manage your social media privacy settings.

Maintaining social media account while trying to stay anonymous as possible can be very difficult. And while you can’t entirely remove traces of your activity online, you can take steps at making it harder to find your account via public means. This means having to put your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account into private mode, which can be done via their settings. Whether you want to avoid potential employers from finding your embarrassing spring break photos, or a teacher hiding from nosy students, there are ways to take matters into your own hands so only friends and family have access to your profile.

Both Twitter and Instagram have pretty simple and straightforward approaches to changing your privacy settings. Go to the settings first; if it’s Twitter, select “Privacy and safety” and the box saying to “Protect my Tweets,” if it’s Instagram, just set the option for “Private Account” to “On.” Both block followers you don’t allow to follow you manually from seeing your content and require outsiders to get your approval to access your profile. This doesn’t prevent anyone from screenshotting what your post, so choose your friends wisely.

Facebook can be a little trickier. Near the space where you can post statuses and photos, there’s what’s known as the audience selector menu that allows users to tailor their viewing settings to either allow everyone, even those without Facebook, to see their content, or just people you are friends with, or even just for yourself only. Once this setting has been enabled it gets applied to all future posts until you change it again, so if you’re not sure what it is set at any given moment of time, it might be a good idea to check before posting. Further privacy controls can be accessed from the “Privacy Settings and Tools” tab typically located at the top right. From here you can control who sees your posts, who can tag you in other posts, and even you can look up your account on Facebook.

With internet access being an ever important part of our culture, it’s only natural that we take online privacy seriously, or at least know how to control our presence online. We here at Freedomnet Solutions encourage our customers to be vigilant about their online activity.

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