The Internet of Things

Posted by FreedomNet

The internet is a wonderful, and sometimes terrible, place. From its very early origins as a communication tool used by the US Department of Defense, to its present day use in private, commercial and governmental functions, the internet has grown in content, scale, and is now used by almost everyone with an internet connection. Many people use the internet for simple tasks such as sending an email, logging onto Facebook, or watching a movie on Netflix. But with greater understanding of the technology there have since been many websites created to expand how the internet is used in a limitless amount of practical applications.

There are many sites that most people have probably never even heard of that may be of some interest:

  • Chordify – Paste a YouTube URL of a song and it tells you the chords. Great for learning songs on an instrument
  • MyFridgeFood – Tick the boxes with what food you have available and it will generate a meal from your list
  • Me – Allows for thorough deletion of a digital your account on any website (such as Facebook and Twitter) and it tells you how to do it
  • Throw Away Mail – Randomly generates a quick, throw away email address for signing up for things in order to avoid spam
  • org – A free, legal resource giving you access to millions of books, movies, albums, and more
  • com – An online shopping website featuring a variety of cool/weird/nifty things. Great for shopping for unique gifts
  • am – This site pulls geotagged pictures posted on Instagram and Foursquare to give you a real time feed of what’s going on all over the world
  • LifeHacker – A blog with articles featuring ways to streamline your life and provides tips and tricks on how to get stuff done in an efficient manner
  • Reddit – Known as the “front page of the internet,” this already popular websites ranks articles, media, and other internet content based on popularity from user generated “upvotes”

We here at FreedomNet Solutions understand the value of what the internet can provide to someone who wants to take advantage of all of its uses. By providing customers with unlimited internet that is consistent and reliable, we strive to give you access to the greatest source of knowledge and information in the world.

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