It’s Time for Fantasy Football in Michigan!

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It’s Time for Fantasy Football in Michigan: Being that time of year again, fantasy football season is upon us. Many who partake in leagues with their friends and co-workers will typically find themselves using any one of the three major sites for fantasy football leagues; ESPN, Yahoo, and CBSSports. These sites are the most heavily used by players and they conveniently come with a host of other features including automatic draft analysis for each drafted team, expert recommendations by industry professionals, and in-depth statistics to study and decipher. It’s more than enough for most, and probably all you will need.

But what if you’re that player looking for that extra edge, that snippet of information about a potential sleeper, or a breakdown of a player’s tendencies against a certain defense. You will need additional resources for that and thankfully, the internet is your best friend when it comes to winning fantasy championships. Those who want to practice doing mock drafts can use the integrated ones provided in ESPN and Yahoo’s websites, or they can opt for a third party site like that has garnered a good reputation by industry professionals who sometimes prefer it over others. There are also fantasy blogs like Bleacher Report’s fantasy football page, and Twitter accounts of individual team reporters who offer minute to minute updates on players and coaches. ESPN’s Stephania Bell is a particular favorite for her analysis of team injuries based on her experience as an orthopedic and strength and conditioning specialist. Going off that, is a good resource to determine the severity and timetable for specific injuries at specific positions in football. And for those who are on the fence having to pick between 2 players or a team’s defense, rather than tossing a coin you might want to check out the odds in Vegas for games that may tip the odds in one team’s favor.

Whatever the motivation or need, if it’s fantasy football related, you need to count on your internet connection to be your friend because if it’s not, it certainly is for the other teams in your league. With our high-speed internet plans for rural Michigan, we’ve got something for all types of fantasy players!

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