Voice Assistance with No Limits Internet

Posted by FreedomNet

When voice assistance for your mobile device was announced, it was a game changer for Apple devices in 2011. In the form of its Siri virtual assistant software, Apple was able to provide a means for users to use hand free features on their phone to make calls, read text, and pull up basic information. Since then, it has seen several improvements and iterations and is now a widely used feature that most users have taken advantage of.

Similar to Apple’s Siri’s virtual assistant, Google and its Android software have a similar feature built into its own “Google App”. Essentially all a user has to do is give the app voice command in the form of a question or request and the Google App will oblige the request generating an answer taken from the search results of Google’s powerful search engine. You can ask it things like what the current score is of your favorite team, what the weather is like in your immediate area, or the best recipe for cooking an apple pie using the most popular searched answers and built in user data, such as a phone’s location finding feature, to generate the best, most relevant answer possible. Google has even recently put out a marketing campaign that champions and features a lot of what a user can do with the Google App’s voice feature, in fun and practical settings posted on their Youtube channel. If you would rather not use your phone’s limited data to do use these feature, then FreedomNets “No Limits Internet” may be the answer to your data problems.

With towers all across the state and servicing much of Lower Michigan, FreedomNet is proud to be the #1 wireless “no limits internet service provider in the state. Being a local Internet provider allows us to be in tune with our customers’ needs, allowing us to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

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