Vote in 2016 Election

Posted by FreedomNet

Vote in 2016 Election: With the upcoming election less than a couple months away, the time to register to vote is fast approaching. Regardless of the overall outcome in November, it will most certainly result in a historic outcome for either party. We here at FreedomNet Solutions think it’s important that everyone take part in their civic duty, and with the Internet, it has become easier to do so than ever before. Not only is there a presidential election at stake, but local and state elections and important proposals will also be on the ballot this upcoming November.

With so many candidates and their positions to remember, it can be daunting trying to research them all. Luckily allows users to easily search any local or state candidate up for election, along with their respective positions on the issues. Skeptical about money in politics? You can go to where you can research monetary contributions for individual candidates, and also look up the biggest public donors in your state. Haven’t registered to vote yet? Go here to register for your state. It takes only 5 minutes to do! (Michigan deadline to register to vote is October 11th) What if you can’t make it to the ballot in November? Go to to submit a request for an absentee ballot that you can mail to your township clerk’s office safely and confidentially.

In the past it might have been a hassle to do research, registering to vote, and even vote itself due to the physical effort and time involved in doing so. But thanks to the wonderful tool that is the Internet, it is easier than ever. As Michigan’s #1 wireless internet provider, we want all of our customers to take advantage of having an Internet connection that is free of hassle and open for all.

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