Ways We Stay Informed

Posted by FreedomNet

The way we consume news has undergone several revolutions in history to become what it is today. These include the invention of the printing press, the telegraph, the radio, the television, the 24-hour news channel, and the internet. In fact, the internet has become such a dominant source that a majority of millennials under 30 (about 65%) cite the internet as their main source of news. For those over 30, television still remains the most popular source. What is interesting, however, is that social media (Facebook, Twitter) has increasingly become a primary source for those looking for the latest stories and trends. It can be argued that the reason for this is because we are in the midst of another revolution in news media.

For the purpose of this post we will look at just Twitter which has been the standard of social media being intertwined with news consumption. Anyone with a Twitter account can see what their favorite celebrities and athletes were thinking and doing in real time. This is what appealed to many of Twitter’s earliest users and news agencies and business have caught on. Now, every major news publication has a twitter account that details all the very latest news as fast as the user can type out their tweet. Larger, more in depth stories can be posted as a link on the tweet leading users to the full publication itself that they can read from. Other media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adopted hashtags to allow their users to track and follow trends allowing them to use social media services even more than ever before. And all of this can be yours for free by just signing up for a Facebook or Twitter account.

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