What are Ping Rates and Why Do They Matter?

We here at FreedomNet Solutions are not only the providers of internet service, we are consumers as well. Amongst our staff there are a number of us who play online video games like millions of others around the world. Therefore, we know the importance of having a connection with little to no lag (slow response time) is essential for gaining the upper hand on our opponents. You may think that an internet connection with high latency is a direct result of your internet connection, but the reality is that there are number of different factors that determine the performance of the connection itself. Here’s a few steps you can take to measure and reduce the ping and improve the latency in online games:

Measure your ping speed: You may have heard or used the website called SpeedTest.net. It is a free to use website that measures the speed of your internet connection that also has a statistic that measures the ping of your connection. A ping that is higher than 150ms can result in noticeable lag.

Reduce your ping rate: There is no single way to reduce your ping, but there are a number of possible solutions (it is unfortunately a trial and error process) that in conjunction with one another can improve your service.

  • The simplest solution is to close all other programs, besides the one you are currently using, and pause or stop all downloads operating in the background of your computer.
  • Make sure other devices connected to the internet are turned off or disconnected from your router. Those devices may be using additional bandwidth that can be re-allocated towards your own immediate needs.
  • If on a wireless device, try moving the device closer to the router, or better yet try connecting the device directly to the router itself. This can help overcome potential issues from having a poor signal strength that can increase latency.
  • Check all your cable connections; sometimes cable connection become loose causing the connection itself to act intermittently.
  • Turn the router on and off, specifically unplug the power cable and leave it unplugged for at least 15 seconds to allow the device to fully drain itself of power before plugging it back in.

If you still suffer from high ping, it might be on the end of the Internet Service Provider which at that point you will want to contact their technical support.

FreedomNet Solutions has internet packages that can allow for online gaming with latency comparable to most other internet service providers. With towers all across the state and servicing much of Lower Michigan, FreedomNet Solutions is proud to be the #1 wireless no limits internet service provider in the state. Being a local Internet provider allows us to be in tune with our customers’ needs be able to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

If you are interested and would like to know more information, feel free to fill out a Contact Us form, or call our offices at 866.669.4737 ext. 2 and speak with a sales representative.